VERDI 2023

Session 4 (chair: Stefano Tonetta)

Formalizing Model Inference of MicroPython

Carlos Mão de Ferro, Tiago Cogumbreiro, Francisco Martins

at  17:40in  for  25min

Model checking has often been used for verifying Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). A major challenge is how to capture a model that represents the actually behavior of the software. Model extraction can introduce errors that can affect the accuracy of the analysis including loss of precision, inconsistency, non-conformance, and over- and under-approximations. In this paper, we formalize and prove the correctness of extracting a model from a subset of the MicroPython programming language with respect to a trace-based semantics. The extracted models capture the order of method calls and can be model checked using Shelley. We formalize the extraction process from an intermediate representation of MicroPython codes and prove that the behavior of our intermediate representation is a regular language. Our formalization and theoretical results are fully mechanized using the Coq proof assistant

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